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May 25, 2015

road to singapore

the guns of labrador park

there was a desolate air to it and yet, a grandeur. i looked at the squat structure and wondered what it could be, the lines were curved, reminded me of an art deco settee at my grandparents’ home. my conscious mind had no idea what it might be, but a part of me knew it was something to do with guns. aj was excited. he ran toward it, that odd thing sitting in the middle of manicured parks and kids…

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Epic Channel

Ekaant – Itihaas ki goonj

Anjaan …  sunsaan … veeraan … bikhri imaarton ki dastaan … aur unki bhooli huyi kahaniyaan … Ekaant (Unknown … desolate … deserted … the tales of dilapidated structures … and its forgotten stories … Isolated) With these words, right at the start, Epic Channel’s non-fiction show Ekaant, Itihaas ki goonj (Isolated, the echo of history), takes one right into the middle of a mysterious and sometimes eerie world. Ably hosted by Akul Tripathi, brilliantly shot and directed, Ekaant takes…

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secrets of seattle

celebrating music and life

Yesterday I chanced upon a sign that said Northwest Folklife Festival 2015. While America remembers its war heroes, and there is a mad rush to get out of town for the three day long weekend, right below the famous Seattle Space Needle, is a celebration of folk music, ethnic culture and its influence on contemporary arts and lifestyle . I have not been to the festival since the last 2 years, but the color, music and the bustling of life…

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