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June 20, 2015

road to singapore

the writing on the wall… at nus

niels bohr wasn’t supposed to meet me at the university cultural centre or anywhere else for that matter. yet, there he was, “‘the opposite of profound truth may well be another profound truth,’ niels bohr.” the words were written across a wall of the ucc and i had to just stop, stare, and start laughing. such genius there. i had encountered the eminent scientist only once before, in my physics class in grade nine or ten and, naturally, done all…

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The Martian

What happens if one throws you in a corner of your hometown? You get up, walk/ride your way to home, right!! Now, consider this… you find yourself in a different country altogether. The difference will be the sudden panic within you, but eventually it will giveaway to a sane state of mind. Now to take it to the extreme, assume that you are stranded 40 million miles away from home. Most of the earthlings, will need some time to it…

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