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July 3, 2015

Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 21

INDEX   “damn!” he cursed under his breath. his teeth clenched for an instant. fire glinted in his irises, his lips tightened. then he narrowed his eyes and looked at the laptop screen, willing the figures to mean something. this was important. he needed to get this done today itself, they had to take a look at costs for blooms in agung, akash would be waiting for his go ahead and revisions. lavanya had to get some figures and trends……

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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 1

na jayate mriyate va kadacin for the soul there is never birth nor death nayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyah nor, having once been does he ever cease to be ajo nitya sasvato ‘yam purano he is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval na hanyate hanyamane sarire he is not slain when the body is slain ~~~ bhagwat gita ~~~ she could feel the graze of his thumb on her cheek bone, a tremble in it. a tremble that became…

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sarees tell stories

that combination

  kanjeevaram silks are known for their combinations… the body and border clash and contrast. usually its about the colours. their richness, that depth that you can’t quite catch and explain in mere words. this one’s combination had me standing rapt before the shelf at ambara, this lovely boutique right by my friend’s place in bangalore. of course, we had rushed to shop the moment i’d arrived. i had several sarees from here thanks to my friend who tolerates my…

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