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July 4, 2015

Epic Channel

The Epic Bonanza – New shows and New seasons

The Epic Channel - New shows and New seasons

It has been a beautiful autumn, old leaves falling, splattered across all around at a rate faster than they grew, but held their own beauty while still withering away. These past few months Epic channel was on a spree of repeating its old shows, episodes that were introduced every week now revisited us on a daily basis. A deja vu it was, but all these shows deserve many more deja vus. Now finally, it is time for the season to change,…

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Cadbury Ads – A Dash of Sweetness

cadbury ads kuch meetha ho jaye

Unlike the west with all the different chocolate brands, in India the chunk of the market share is dominated by Cadbury. It’s Dairy Milk brand is almost synonymous to chocolates and one often uses the brand name interchangeably with the common noun. This product line was launched in 1905. More than a century old and still it remains in fashion. Kya swad hai zindagi key.. roughly translates to the flavour of life.. As I was reading about the various ad campaigns I came to…

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