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July 5, 2015

Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 2

thereafter rose desire in the beginning, desire, the primal seed and germ of spirit. ~~~ rig veda, hymn cxxix ~~~ she stood there, looking down at him. he lay in that hospital bed, hard white sheets, a pillow under his head. but where’s the cushion, she thought. he always liked to tuck a sturdy square cushion under his neck, she must tell di… then she stopped herself. again her mind went blank and she stared at him lying there eyes…

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Now Brewing

Wuthering Heights

  Wuthering perhaps isn’t even a real word. Yet, I can picture the stormy moors, the desolate land, the wild winds. I can picture the dark night against which stands the lonely manor where the two doomed lovers live. For their bodies might be buried, but their tumultuous, destructing, indestructible love is alive. Running rampant through all time. The book was first published in 1847. A reticent cloistered girl had written a novel of passion and feelings that broke all…

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Arshi FF : Hamesha ~ A heartbeat Away

Hamesha~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 2

INDEX The heavy velvet brocade curtains were pulled wide apart to let the bright sun rays through. The large spacious room lit up and echoed with the tinkling sound of glass against gold. Thick gold bangles, with a dozen thin glass ones, in red, adorned the hand that was opening the window latch. “Utho Chote. It is your di’s wedding today. Bahut saara kaam hai humein.” He pushed away the heavy silk quilt and slowly sat up in bed rubbing…

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