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August 13, 2015


Vampire Academy : When Dimitri Calls Rose ‘Roza’

I have just completed a marathon read of the 6 books in Vampire Academy series. A young adult fiction series that was highly addicting. Though the books could have done with quite a bit of editing, I don’t feel like complaining because of the fun I had. In the universe of Vampire Academy, there are evil undead vampires (Strigoi) hunting the good mortal vampires (Moroi). Damphirs (half human & half Moroi) dedicate their lives to guard the good vampires. For young teenage damphir…

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road to singapore

streets of sembawang

bermuda road, canada road, ottawa road, lagos circle, kenya crescent, pakistan road… at some point it strikes you, the empire was right here. the commonwealth, the colonies… never is all that too far away, is it. sometimes, i wonder how it all would have been if colonization was not a part of our history. well, i guess then i would not be writing in this language, nor perhaps living in this city, or going on this walk through the sloping…

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