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September 6, 2015

road to singapore

thoughts taking off from an old airport

style. you really are born with it. i stared at the building sitting elegant and gorgeous on a plot of land most unremarkable with deserted paths and green patches all around, barbed wire fences, not a soul in sight. behind it rose the towers and skyscrapers of a modern city, in front of it was the brand new indoor stadium with its gleaming retractable roof and other swish things. yet, all i could see and what was making me grin…

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Titan Ads – The Gift of Time

I wasn’t planning on writing a piece on Titan advertisements until I chanced upon this ad that has Katrina Kaif in it and the time was perfect to remember my favourite Titan ads. I have been married for the past 5 years. A love marriage, those gossipy aunties would add with relish, if you cared to ask. One of my friends wanted to marry a boy she has been in love with. Just this year she had an arranged marriage…

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