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December 26, 2015


The Man in the High Castle

What if the Allies lost the 2nd world war? What if at the end of the war America was under the joint occupation of the Germans and the Japanese? What if the Western part of America was under the Japanese rule, while the Eastern half was ruled by the Nazis? What if the Nazi flag flies high in Times Square? And, what if the Man In The High Castle created secret videos that had the power to ignite a revolution within the American…

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sarees tell stories

sand banks, memory, and baluchari

golden arrows rained down, a charioteer looked back at the archer standing behind him. who was he shooting at? i looked to the left. a man stood on another chariot holding the reins as a pair of horses reared, one of the chariot’s wheels seemed to be stuck in the mud and a warrior in reddish orange and gold was beside it, perhaps trying to get it out. who were they? even though my mind wasn’t articulating clearly, i knew…

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