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February 2016


Bridge Of Spies

bridge of spies review

I always argue with myself about movies that are made with a connection to the World Wars, however remote a connection it may be. These automatically have enough ammunition to be both painful and powerful in equal measures. So, it is no wonder the movies leave a mark and are easy choice for Academy awards. Bridge of spies is no different. It does not show the world war, but is based on real events during the Cold War that followed, between America and Russia. Knowing…

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the players of shatranj

i was seventeen when shatranj ke khiladi was released. it was satyajit ray’s first film in any language other than bengali, it had hindi film stars acting in it, even european actors, amitabh bachchan was the narrator. and the man who had played gabbar singh just two years before in the blockbuster superhit film sholay, was the legendary poet king of awadh: singer, dancer, thumri composer, who even dressed up as krishna and frolicked with his kathak dancing gopis. amjad…

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Epic Channel

Dui bon (Two sisters) – Stories by Rabindranath Tagore (7)

Dui bon (Two sisters) - Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

At the onset, the outline of the story, Dui Bon (Two sisters) reminds one of the story of Nashtanirh (The Broken Nest), but with the genders of the protagonists changed. Nashtanirh is about a woman falling for her husband’s brother because of the common interests and rapport they shared; whereas Dui bon is about a man who falls in love with his wife’s sister with whom he shares his innermost thoughts and easily gels with. At the end the brother…

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Espresso Shots

the little room: a short story

“this is funny, isn’t it,” he said staring at her, his voice low, almost inaudible. she looked at him trying not to avert her gaze. “what’s funny?” she had to ask the question. the silence had to be contained, or else… she frowned. or else what, why was she so disconcerted? so… afraid? was she afraid? “all the while… all the things we said. you said. i…” he paused and took a sip from his glass. it was whisky, she…

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The Dreamy Disney (and Pixar) Dates

The Dreamy Disney and Pixar Dates

A happy sigh.. a beating heart.. a rapid pulse.. glazed eyes.. .. sing out loud.. twirl all around.. watch dreams unfurl.. soar high on the magic dust dosed in love.. A list of my favourite animated dates..   1.Beauty & The Beast – How not to fall in love when a mean, bad beast starts feeding twittering birds, and a captive girl starts blushing at his touch? To set the mood, is a curious chipped baby tea cup and a serenading steaming mommy tea pot. Hidden…

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road to singapore

spring time

when a walk starts with your companion pointing at something beyond a fence and saying, “those are missile launchers,” you know it’s a day for things not usual. i was expecting to reach a heavily wooded sort of area on our traipse to find singapore’s only natural hot spring. instead, we got off the taxi in front a humongous military base. armoured cars and other vehicles i don’t even know the names of, were lined up behind that fence. there…

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Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

ncofl… never on a new year: chapter 5

asr gripped the secateurs firmly. he looked at the tip of the stem, brow scrunched, lips pursed, willing his mind to focus. he was not going to think of anything else now. he would snip the stem just where he knew he must, he was… “am i speaking to mr raizada… mr arnav singh raizada?” she had a poised voice, he could tell from the way she said his name, especially the “r,” that she wasn’t indian. she sounded… asian?…

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Why Michael Scofield is a Hero?

Why Michael Scofield is a Hero

For starters, he gets the blueprint of a prison tattooed on his body, stages a bank robbery and lands up in that very prison to break out his wrongly accused brother. Meet Michael Scoffield, the hero of Prison Break.  The guy is genius structural engineer, with a knack for creative ideas in dire situations. So, what’s Good about the guy? Silly question, might as well ask what’s great about the guy. Did I mention the genius part? I did. So, I’ll…

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