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July 2016

Espresso Shots

no escape : a short story

“do you know,” she asked with a curious airy smile, “he wrote the sherlock holmes stories?” the little boy on the wheelchair shook his head and pushed the large, gleaming rings next to the wheels, the chair rolled ahead. his tee-shirt was red, his hair was inky black, he held a small brown leather suitcase in his right hand. it swung over the right wheel. “but he never could solve the mystery! never could solve the mystery…!” the boy laughed and…

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shoe story

it was a difficult moment, really. i’d gone shopping with my friend, actually she was shopping and i was the one tagging along to make encouraging noises, when suddenly i saw this shoe and everything fell out of place, scattered, made me ache, yearn, go nuts, and brought on a deep desire to hurl time out of its steady onward journey in one direction and make it travel the other way. that there was just the kind of shoe i…

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road to singapore

how do you say ang mo kio

the flags are up. i frown, still a bit disoriented after the europe trip. what’s the month, i wonder. it’s july… of course, national day, just round the corner. okay, about three weeks away, but what’s to stop you from getting ready to celebrate, wear red. ang mo kio – the prime minister’s constituency, he leads the grc, aj informs me – is looking lovely in the dusk. there are flags everywhere, up on hdb blocks, in food centres, at…

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durga Poetry

Barsaat ki yaad – Hindi poem

barsaat ki yaad hindi poem

गीली मिट्टी की सोंधी खुशबू से एक याद चली आती है  भीगती थी जब पानी में  वो बरसात याद आती है    भूल जाती छत्री जानबूझकर और भीगते घर आती थी चाय की चुसकी लेते जो मुस्कान छुपाती वो शरारत याद आती है   ज़माना था वो रेडियो का गानों की भी बरसात होती थी बारिश और गीत में जो होती जुगलबंदी वो मधुर रात याद आती है   Transliteration: Geeli mitti ki sondhi khushboo se Ek yaad chali aati…

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road not taken

brexit on a holiday

this was not a holiday i’d really planned to go on. maybe that’s why it was so good and so completely steeped in experience. a constant sense of wonder for almost three weeks, how can that be a bad thing. even trams had me taking pictures. who knew the streets of zurich were full of them and they could run you over merrily if you weren’t careful. well, at least that’s what my husband assured me; he was not around…

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Of Dreams and Disasters

dreams disasters

“Elves,” concluded Lazywiz. A man and a woman were crossing the street. They were both dressed in black overcoats, a few sizes too big. Sharp features and a frenetic energy in their movement. Both had black hair with a lock of blue; a startling shade of indigo. She had a sleek ponytail and he carried off a rather long flop of hair. It was as if their human disguise had gone wrong. Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings. On the radio,…

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Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet

ncofl… never on a new year: chapter 11

“helena ji, nobody’s looking, come quickly, have another jalebi!” khushi thrust a crisp orange jalebi at helena and stood in front of the elephant, holding up her pale pink dupatta so a passerby wouldn’t notice what helena was up to. it didn’t occur to khushi even for a moment that her slight frame and translucent dupatta might not quite accomplish the task of “hiding” helena. helena finished her jalebi and nudged khushi with a playful trunk. “no more! nahiiin, not…

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Epic Channel

Ekaant, in the middle of the city – Ekaant Season 2

ekaant middle city ekaant season 2

Often we find that isolated monuments and historic locations are found in cities and towns that aren’t deserted completely. Yet, there are some locations that seem to have halted in their passage of time, while the sprawling city around is running fast ahead with time. These monuments stand alone in Ekaant, in the middle of the city. Some of the locations below covered in Ekaant Season 2 on the Epic Channel, hosted by Akul Tripathi, give such a feeling.  …

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sarees tell stories

A Unique Silk

Our family is vegetarian, which lifestyle later led to one member in the family taking this non-violent way a little further by adopting a vegan way of life. LALITA ARYA, our first guest writer on Sarees Tell Stories, brings us the tale of a delightful fabric and more. Many thanks to Lalita for enjoying Writersbrew and deciding to write about a saree that touched her. Being vegan has become quite popular in the west, although this has been one of…

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From Thirst to Freshness.. Lime n Lemony Limca Ads

Limca Ads

Limca never could compete with its ever popular parent product Coca Cola or the brand’s arch enemy, Pepsi which was endorsed by superstars like Shahrukh and Sachin in the 90s. Primarily an Indian recipe, Limca has a sharp fizz and rather pungent taste with the hint of a lemoni after effect. Let’s just say, am not a fan. Most evenings, my uncle would have Limca with his vodka, alone in his room, with his new Jeffery Archer novel. This taboo excitement of the grown…

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