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August 2, 2016

durga Poetry

I hate you – A love filled poem

hate love filled poem

In a world full of dishonesty and deceit With animosity and abhorrence all over replete You entered my life proving otherwise I hate you for removing my veil of despise My tears had dried, my heart had hardened No news affected me, joyful or saddened You melted my heart and released the fears I hate you for giving me many happy tears It seemed innocence was an age old thing Everybody’s actions calculated and conspiring Your innocent eyes brought back…

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Wizard’s Daughter

wizards daughter book review

He searches for her in a ball. With single-minded purpose he pursues her and she falls for him. She is Rosalind. An orphan child who was beaten to death as a little girl and cast away. The Sherbrook family have raised her as one of their own. But, even they can’t explain why the only thing the girl does remember of her life before the Sherbrook’s are the haunting words to a song. He is Nicholas Vail. Disowned by his father…

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