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August 5, 2016


The Yearning …


Ab ke baras bhej bhaiyya ko, babul Savan mein leejo bulaaye re … This soulful rendering by Asha Bhonsle, from the movie ‘Bandini’, crooning from the radio yesterday afternoon, took me back to a bygone era. Girls growing up happily in their maternal home, are married off as soon as they attain youth. Living in a distant place, separated from their beloved parents and siblings, they yearn for the happy times they spent with them during their childhood. It is…

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sarees tell stories

of real and fake and chanderi sarees

he loved vintage cars. every morning, practically, he’d come to look at his collection, which used to be kept in a garage built on land rented from my family. he always wore pristine, brilliant white pajamas and a flowing crisp kurta, his hair would be neatly brushed and the most pleasant smile would appear on his face if he happened to spot you or any of your elders. “namashkar!” he’d greet in a low amicable tone, as he raised his…

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