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September 29, 2016

Espresso Shots

hidden flowers

the heavy teakwood doors burst open. binota and gopaler ma looked up startled, a few bodis fell off the muslin cloth onto the mosaic floor and broke and scattered. she came running out, her pale pink jamdani saree billowing, the pallu flying behind her. she held the fine gauzy gold tinted cotton bunched up in her fists on either side, lifting her saree at least half a foot off the ground, her ankles clearly visible, almost her shin, as she…

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The Duke and I

duke and I book review

The Duke and I is a historical romance by Julia Quinn. The first of the immensely popular Bridgerton series. For me, it was a case of lost potential. The book started off full of promise, quickly dwindled in pace and ended without invoking any interest.…

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