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October 17, 2016

Mythology and More

it’s sukkot… chag sameach.

“you start building the sukka the day after yom kippur,” my husband said. we used to live in a house those days and there was a perfect spot by the koi pond, with wooden beams creating a sort of roof above and brickwork on the floor, for the sukka. sukkot, which is the plural of sukka, is a joyous festival of thanksgiving and more celebrated by jews across the world. sukka means a simple hut. after the exodus from egypt…

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ravished book review

Ravished sticks to a more traditional regency romance format than some of the other novels by Amanda Quick. It is a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. How can I tell? First clue – The hero, Viscount St. Justin, has a scarred face and a dishonourable past. He is unwelcome in polite society. Apart from a few close confidantes, he lives through life alone. Second clue – He is considered a brute by all. On numerous occasions, friends…

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