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November 1, 2016

Espresso Shots

the girl on the terrace

i am quietly freaking out right now. ever since yesterday, i’ve been thinking of a “ghost story” my mother told me years ago. i’ve been pondering whether to write it or not since the one i just posted about bungalow no. 7 in digboi was liked by so many people. my mother didn’t believe in ghosts. no, not at all. she worried much more about human beings. people. and maybe she was right. in fact, she was. still, i can’t…

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aarwen Poetry

A spell under the Rainbow

Spell under the Rainbow

This old wizened witch sat by the window Her black pointy hat had a wide gaping hole She was busy with her spell to steal a perfect rainbow. A croaking toad disturbed her evil reverie She squashed the busy spider with the tiny insect he stole. A bat came falling right through the chimney With soot all over the witch did look terribly funny. Into the cauldron went a fat rat’s tail, The clove of garlic was nice and horribly stale. A…

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durga Poetry

Life’s Perils – A poem

There’s something ’bout life’s perils They keep coming back, of course they will But each time, the roles are changed With much diversity, experience gained Treading on, on the path of hope Steering clear of the surrendering  slope A strong resolve to withstand the gale Rough weather, but the ship has to sail An excruciating task, a test of patience Giving every progress, a touch of exuberance Drop by drop, the pot will fill Inch by inch, the soil will…

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