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March 2017


keep the day

sorry but i find the international women’s day one of the most patronising notions ever. read up a bit on its genesis, saw why women back in the early 1900s way before we had the right to vote and, of course, when women were working hard and not being paid as much as men (still the case in many/most places) thought of the idea… and i fully empathise. but in the form it exists today, set in place by institutions…

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neerja review

Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahin!   A woman of substance, a symbol of bravery and an icon to look upto, Neerja was all this and much more. Director Ram Madhvani recreates the last day of this 23 year old wonderful soul, who was killed brutally by three hijackers who boarded the flight in Karachi, back in 1986. Neerja Bhanot was the head purser, who kept her cool, followed her duties diligently and saved the lives of over 300 passengers,…

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Buddha & Friends

A poem by our guest writer Lalita Arya …………………………………………………………   I went a-walking, casually strolling  in the busy market place, there were roaming cows, munching goats & stray dogs. The open-air stalls were filled with colorful handbags, real & costume jewelry carved wooden images of two Krishnas absorbed in their fluid notes of flutes that Nataraj kept dancing on.  The Buddha didn’t hear a thing as he was fast asleep  in his meditative state. They were all outside the shop…

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