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April 2017

indi Poetry

the battle

my heart was in a battlefield today defeat had touched my dreams truth as i had always known it to be writhed torn and begged to breathe   demons came raging from hidden caves demolishing my faith, denouncing my dawn mortal wound crushed my land as it lay twined in my ambushed heart   then a sound came near from far away so far it exceeds all my reach and yet it was here, carried on another sound whose decibel…

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road to singapore

a surprise in queenstown : road to singapore

had we not been trying our best to avoid the cemetery, we’d never have found it. the rain had been heavy, it was never quite gone the entire day. aj and i set out to walk around seven in the evening, light was falling fast. the traffic was thick and noisy along queensway, the first left from my place. to avoid it, we crossed the road, walked a little along commonwealth avenue, then took an unfamiliar path going in the…

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Mountain Love

Oh mighty mountains! You make me seem so small, I stare at you in awe, whilst you sit out there so tall. I wish that I could be as immortal as you are, But I am only human, I cannot be at par. Our Guest Writer Yangchen Bhutia shares her love for the mighty mountains.. Tell me how it is to witness everything, From adam and his eve, to every human being? You must have seen many kingdoms rise and…

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Did you Smell the Roses?

Smell the Roses

Reposting since am without electricity at my house again… I returned home to darkness. They had disconnected power supply to my house because I had not paid the bill. Growing up, I lived in a city where power cuts were the norm. We had different forms of battery back up, which were crucial for some respite, but eventually they would all die down. I have survived in darkness. I have enjoyed watching the faint flicker of candlelight. Not because I…

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Espresso Shots

fifth day of spring : a story

the idols were lined up on the narrow ledge under the tall windows in the corner room. the ledge was designed to be a book shelf but no one remembered seeing a book on it ever; instead, dust and cobwebs gathered and had a good time on the yellow ochre lime wash, enjoying the slanting sun rays that fell through the shutters. but today, there was not a speck of dust anywhere. nor cobwebs. only eight beautiful idols. eight pairs…

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Beauty and the Beast and Me

beauty and the beast and me

She is a girl who does not want the everyday life. She wants adventure. She does not want to settle to the mundane. She reads books and dreams.  Belle is in a fairytale. Belle is my favourite Disney princess as is Beauty and the Beast my favourite animation movie. I wanted to watch the new Beauty and the Beast since that first trailer I watched many months ago. It has the girl who will forever be Hermione Granger to me.…

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Rasam – The essence of comfort

Our guest writer Achala Srivatsa loves to cook and ponder the finer points of what we eat. This is her thoughtful take on rasam, with a tadka of flavourful musings. The earliest memories I have of my childhood are of being sick with a sore throat and fever. Those days my food habits were, shall we say, not very refined in that I’d pretty much eat anything I was given, anything I found or otherwise came my way. A group…

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the new vicks commercial

credit: uploader The new Vicks commercial presents an unconventional mother-daughter story. The viral ad has already got nearly 6 million hits, and it’s not even been a week. Two of our writers post their thoughts on it. Do share yours, please. What consists of a family? One might ask. A mother, a father, one or more children, along with a set of grandparents might seem like an ideal image of a family. But does that necessarily have to be so?…

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