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May 2017


remember the code?

this morning, twitter took me to an article in the washington post, which in turn hauled me straight back to school. 1976… or was it ’77? grade ten or eleven. we all had to do a national cadet corps (ncc) certificate course. tt was compulsory. that’s when we heard “dit dit dit dah dah dah dit dit dit” for the first time. our instructor was teaching us morse code. the dit was a short sound, the dah a long one,…

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Grand is the word – Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion

Before you start reading this, I would like to alert you that if you haven’t seen the movie yet and you plan to watch it, then please avoid reading this. I just might reveal the plot … or maybe not. ‘This is so grand!” That was what I kept thinking, as I watched the movie ‘Bahubali 2 – The Conclusion’, on the huge celluloid. But before I write on the second part of the Bahubali series, let me say something…

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Now Brewing


movie mothers

Some would call Sid a spoilt rich kid. He was not mean or hard-hearted. He had just not given too many things a serious thought. He was the cool kid. Hanging around with his friends. Aimless about his future. Having fun in the ease of the present. There was no time for a worrying mother. His mother didn’t know English. She didn’t give up trying to speak in the few broken phrases she did know. School was ‘isschool’. She liked…

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indi Poetry

for b

who reaches through the shredding the dreadful denuding who thrusts away the demon embedded entrenching who catches the sun and brings it to the cave tell me, girl, who who holds you when light has gone who touches you when nothing remains who sings to you when the hour breaks faith who, tell me, girl, who who will cleave you as they deceive you who will cover you as they unclothe you who will raise you as they inter you…

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secrets of seattle

Cherry Blossoms at University of Washington

Delicate tufts of baby pink and pearly white like fresh flakes of snow. Cherry blossoms in bloom herald the start of spring. I like to think of spring season as the time nature allows itself to heal, or atleast the parts that are in its control. Leaves that had withered away in fall, take a shaky first breath as they dare to spring to life all over again. Flowers that could not bear the harsh winter, tentatively start to face…

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Espresso Shots

rainy days and sundays

“bzzzzzzzzzz!” it was the carpenter bee. black and rotund and a little hazy as it whirred about and dashed against the blooms of the bright yellow trumpet flower. “oh, up early today i see!” exclaimed the lavender mauvely, it was the nearest to the blues it could get. “let it be… let it be…! let it beeeee…” replied the carpenter bee, it had a thing for punning. no one ever said a bee couldn’t, after all. lavender rolled its spikes,…

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The Broken Empire


Mark Lawrence has become one of my favourite fantasy novelists thanks to his riveting revenge fantasy series The Broken Empire. I picked up the first book in the series, Prince of Thorns, based on its cover and its prominent place on the fantasy novels shelf in the Amazon bookstore. Judging a book by its cover could have never been so absolutely right. Mark’s writing flows like beautiful poetry. Gripping. Dark and defying prediction.  The pace of the first book, Prince…

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