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November 2017


Ekaant – Sarhad Paar – International special – Ravan ki Lanka

The stories of India are vast and many, – sometimes limited to a particular region, sometimes spread across regions. And some stories take one to such long distances, traveling the length and breadth of the land and some times transcending international borders. In a special hour long episode of Ekaant on the Epic channel, Akul Tripathi travels to find stories connected to India, in the beautiful island nation, Sri Lanka. In this Diwali special episode, on a day when Lord…

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sarees tell stories

iron nails and camel dung

the more i look at the saree, the more it wraps me in thoughts. random ones that i can’t arrange beautifully like the profusion of hand printed patterns on it. i want to write a simple piece, i mutter to myself… about those nails and camel dung, but i can’t stop the steady stream of images and words: shadowy memories of things heard far away in the past, and some just the other day. cotton trade, american civil war, indigo…

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Espresso Shots


the fan fell on pishima’s head on monday. everyone remembered it was a monday because shome was on a fast. pishima always made fresh shondesh for shome with cottage cheese and a little sugar when he fasted. she flavoured the shondesh with lemon juice sometimes, or plain new date jaggery if it was winter. sometimes she added a segment or two of orange, after carefully removing the skin, pith, and seeds, of course. when the weather got warm, she sprinkled…

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Shades of Grey

growing up shades of grey

The scene opens up to this rosy-cheeked vibrant little girl running from her governess, running away from rules, towards adventure. She watches her idols fight against the background of rising waters and soaring hills. What strikes me is the vibrant colours, the shine and this little girl with shining eyes thinking of valour and happy endings. She listens to those stories her mother tells her and is convinced that all she needs is that one chance to prove herself. She reaches…

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