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November 2018


The Name of the Wind

The Name Of The Wind Book Review

“If I seem to wander, if I seem to stray, remember that true stories seldom take the straightest way” If J. K. Rowling made me want to write, Patrick Rothfuss made me feel like giving up trying to write even before I start; there is no way that I could write even half as good. The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece. Am in love with the writing. Patrick Rothfuss feeds your imagination with a magical world building that…

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Espresso Shots

the girl called rhino

a wail rose up in the calm late afternoon air. the tail end of it came stalking into the room with the plump little girl, who threw herself on the bed, burying her face in the cushion lying on top of the carefully covered pillows. the wail turned into a smothered whimper now, though as far as the calm of the afternoon was concerned, both had the same effect on it. “oh ma, why’re you behaving like that? what’s the…

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who put the toy in the binaca toothpaste box?

everything is complex, nothing is without its politics, yet when the voice you know so well does its familiar lilt and stretch and sound segues to the next hit song, or you seize and peruse the toy that’s just popped out of a toothpaste box, that joy, that spike of thrill, there’s no complication in it. no politics either. which is why perhaps the mind grabs it all and puts it away in a safe place, knowing one day, it’ll…

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sarees tell stories

checks and no balance from chettinad

it was a couple of years ago i think, that a good friend of mine said, since i loved sarees so much we should go to chettinad together. chettinad? i was surprised. what did chettinad have to do with sarees? chettinad was about chicken with a distinct peppery taste, which no matter how many recipes i looked up on the net, i never seemed to get right. it was about food: spicy, aromatic, delicious. it was about the famous chettiars…

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