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April 2019

sarees tell stories

maharanis, construction workers, ics officers – a saree wearer’s longish ramble

six yards, five and a half metres, sometimes nine yards, of material. you have to wrap it around yourself. tuck here, tuck there, make the pleats, hold the pallu in place. it must be so difficult. one must sit still or move around in luxury cars or palanquins if one is in a saree. yet a saree has never demanded that. not really, not ever. in fact, if your palanquin is late, you can simply hitch up your saree a…

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Bakharwadi – A delicious delight

The latest offering on the Sab TV menu, the TV show, ‘Bakharwadi’ is truly a delicious delight. Like most shows on the channel, this one too is a light comedy with a pinch of drama added to a delectable course of laughter. But, Bakharwadi is perhaps the best among the recent bunch of new shows on Sab TV. Just like it’s namesake – Bakharwadi, a sweet and spicy snack, the show brings the extreme tastes together and produces a recipe…

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Why Shoot A Butler

why shoot a butler book review

I did not know that Georgette Heyer wrote mysteries. I picked the book from its place on a crowded shelf in the mysteries section for its clever title – Why Shoot A Butler? And finally ended up buying the book for its author. A murder mystery by Georgette Heyer, I had to read it. Think of Agatha Christie meets P. G. Wodehouse and a dash of Sherlock Homes thrown into the mix. There is a good balance of levity in…

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