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June 2019


Different dreams – A poem

My dreams were small, never so big When you show a big dream, I don’t know what to do with it I never dreamt for a car, or any vehicle to own I loved going by bus or walk as far as I could go Any car, whichever size, was just a box with wheels for meWhen you buy me a big car, I don’t know how to react to it I never dreamt of diamonds or any glittery things…

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secrets of seattle

Road Trip to Mt. Rainier : Rise Above

Mt. Rainier is around 2.5 hours drive from Seattle. However, if you don’t hike or ski then the primary source of enjoyment on the trip has to be the glorious vistas on your way to the various famous view points. One late sunny morning, 10 of us piled into 2 cars and punched in the address to the Visitor centre of Mt Rainier. The picturesque drive starts much before you reach the mountain summit, but prepare for slow moving traffic.…

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Festive Specials food indi

a payesh for shavuot

more than 3,300 years ago it is believed, god gave the torah to the jewish people on mount sinai. shavuot celebrates this deeply spiritual moment, with prayer, joy, gratitude, the reading of the commandments, and of course, food. in this case, food with dairy is customary. every year, just before shavuot, which is celebrated in may/june, my husband reminds me we must have lots of nice dairy dishes and desserts at home. clearly thoughts of buckets of ice cream, cheese,…

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durga Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Reservations: An observation – All in good humour

Dealing with reservations is a part of life. Whether one needs it or not, it is inescapable. Whenever I fill out an application form, whether it’s for applying for a course or a job, I always get peeved at a certain point. Among details like name, age and qualifications, there is this little tab that asks us to fill in our religion. I always wonder what purpose this little information would serve to the institution or organisation. How would this…

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