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August 2019

durga Poetry

The Writers’ Block – A poem

Have you seen it, have you seen it anywhere go? It always would be with me, now it’s not anymore From dawn to dusk, within me, it would constantly flow The stream of words has gone, somewhere I don’t know The brisk word stream came to a sudden halt No rhyme or reason, nor anybody’s fault The words that inspired me, are now in a vault Some strange thing is stopping them from coming out And then I learnt that…

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Riverdale | Should you watch it?

When I watched Riverdale Season 1, I loved it. This sizzling and sinister town of Riverdale was full of shocks and surprises. Ms. Grundy is a seductive music teacher. Mr. Lodge is a mobster. Jughead and Betty become a couple. The parents, specially, the senior Mr. Jones, are exceptionally good looking. To top it all FP Jones is a South Side Serpent. Haven’t heard of them before, even though you are a die-hard Archie comic fan? Read this to find…

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