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October 2019

Espresso Shots

Secret Alliance – A short story

She was sitting at her table by the window. Her books spread out in front. A pen in her hand for making notes. She’s working hard, trying to concentrate, but her mind just wouldn’t let her. She was back in her room after ten days. Ten days that she hadn’t realised would be life-changing, only she wanted to be in denial. ~~~ A month back, everything was going as per her plan. Vidya was preparing for her management entrance examination,…

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durga Poetry

Dance like a swan – A poem

A lilting soulful song falls on the ears The hands and feet start to change gears The body begins to sway and move with the song Within moments I find myself dancing along There is a connection between music and dance At every turn of note the heart wants to prance The feet wants to grab every rhythm at every chance No feeling of tiredness, I just want to advance An unparallel joy, dance brings about With a happy broad…

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