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An Attitude

silhouette photo of woman against during golden hour

A couple of weeks back, I told someone in my office that he had lost my trust because he could have done better. I waited, willing myself not to visibly fidget, while he processed this statement. He asked me how could he make it better. I shrugged and replied, “Sometimes you just can’t”. Without the full context this might seem harsh on my part, but I remain convinced he deserved to hear this. Since then, I have basked in this…

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Go girl! Get the world!

Wake up, dreamy eyesSoft pink rays beckon youTo the edge of innocenceTo the gates of knowledgeThrough meadows of opportunitiesOver hills of challengesAtop summits of successesAbove the clouds of your dreams!Sail along with soulmatesFly high with new friendsDance your way,…

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First Books for your Little One

I love reading and equally love books. If you have paid even the remotest attention to my existence as a writer on Writersbrew you will know this and if not allow me to introduce myself.. a fiction lover turned…


pass me a chomchom, or make it three.

no one other than my parents and grandparents perhaps loved me the way she did when i was two and three and four… traces of that love, that favouring, lingered well into my twenties and more. the last time…