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New mother at crossroads – A poem

It is always hard for a new mother, whose maternity leave is about to end and they have to go back to work. Not just them, it’s hard for every mother, who leaves behind their baby, to complete a chore or have to go out regularly for some purpose or another. It is never easy. The heart wails, not wanting such a situation to come. But then, they do come. This poem depicts the feelings of the mothers when they…

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a new vicks commercial and a very old one

can ads change the world? i have no idea. should advertising, a clearly commercial pursuit, even venture into discussing things that matter a little more than buying the next thing… again, i don’t know. but as a copywriter, i often felt you could add something to your story… a little kindness, a bit of laughter, some protest even if the time for that had come. just a feeling. of course, there are public service campaigns, but i am speaking more…

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mother of 1084

her son is dead, she is alive. the endless agony of this careens through an entire day: morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening. now keening, now wretched, now rending, always there, almost a central player. on a day like none other, a day perhaps of reckoning. hajar churashir ma, the mother of 1084, mahasweta devi’s stunning indictment ultimately of a whole way of life even as she grieves with sujata, the protagonist, and senses, elicits, and enunciates her every thought and…

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