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not cut out for love: prologue

INDEX   paper scrunched up, crumpled into little balls, was strewn all across the carpeted gray office floor. the clock showed 12 midnight. silence all around. not a soul in the office. other than the man sitting there with his elbows on the desk, holding his head in his hands. arnav singh raizada was feeling restless. a terrible restlessness that wouldn’t let him be. he couldn’t think clearly, couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t turn it off and get on with what needed…

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Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 12

INDEX   bronzed, lean flowing arms with toned muscles moved to a rhythm, sweat glistened on bare skin, muscles undulated, folded, surged, regular even breathing could be heard over the rustle of the waves. asr was working out with weights out by the ocean’s edge. he had just finished his early morning run, a few reps of these and he’d be done. then onto looking at local silks and other materials with jean pierre, lavanya and akash, a quick trip…

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