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don’t drag me down to your controversy

don’t drag me down to your controversy lift your eyes toward the sky within you from here, stand by me and sense your dream your paradise, your most exalted soul what’s beauty if it won’t even take you there   do you see the evening light on the ripples? there, before you beyond the fastidiously carved quiet balustrade of noontime sun white i know, its brightness is somewhat dimmed, tinged with ochre and time, and conversations   with the river…

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road to singapore

the real corolla off thomson road

there were flowers everywhere. from holland, from australia, from taiwan, and who knows where else, many i am sure from singapore too, like those orchids. i didn’t have to fly somewhere far to see them. nor was that splendid array there only at a certain time of the year. no need to plan a time to go view, nothing. on a hot sunny morning i went walking along macritchie reservoir and thomson road and there on a bend in the…

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