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sarees tell stories

a lament for a saree

it’s a favourite saree of mine, and now it’s fraying. a strange kind of pain at this weakening of closely entwined threads, at this clear signal of mortality, at passing. it’s a saree from orissa, now the spelling has been changed to odisha; we spend a lot of time changing spellings for some reason. my mother and i bought it, around thirty five years ago, from one of the saree shops along triangular park in kolkata (we changed that spelling…

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road to singapore

the call of the big road… jalan besar

i don’t know what exactly is art, but if it’s something that makes you stop, stare, feel a strange attraction and look at a thing differently, then this was definitely art. it made me want to go close, touch the thing. on lavender street that day, the sun blazing, traffic going by at its usual weekday pace, i couldn’t look away from that burst of colours and intriguing shapes. what was it? what was it doing here? shouldn’t it be…

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Buddha & Friends

A poem by our guest writer Lalita Arya …………………………………………………………   I went a-walking, casually strolling  in the busy market place, there were roaming cows, munching goats & stray dogs. The open-air stalls were filled with colorful handbags, real & costume jewelry carved wooden images of two Krishnas absorbed in their fluid notes of flutes that Nataraj kept dancing on.  The Buddha didn’t hear a thing as he was fast asleep  in his meditative state. They were all outside the shop…

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