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Change, the constant – A poem

They say change is constant So let there be some change It doesn’t happen in an instant It works at its own pace Keep the nostalgia, they’re priceless Discard the clutter, all worthless Redesign, repaint, bring in the freshness Introduce uncared corners to a thing called cleanliness Get up and welcome a change in your life Leave behind the doom and infuse a new life It’s alright to indulge in a little bit of madness Let change, the constant, lead you…

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Learned Helplessness

learned helplessness

Learned helplessness is a behaviour in which an organism forced to endure aversive, painful or otherwise unpleasant stimuli, becomes unable or unwilling to avoid subsequent encounters with those stimuli, even if they are escapable – From wikipedia There are days I wake up struggling to get out of bed. A list of tasks from laundry to office projects line up my day when all I would rather be doing is reading a book under the shade. Do I do much to…

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