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Stolen Time

Those rare moments when the world fades away and a quiet descends. I found myself in one of those yesterday night. I could hear myself think. The voice inside did not have an exhausting quality like a fan noise reminding you of the heap of dishes in the sink or an email from a colleague needing a calm response. Neither did the voice have the quality of a performance coach cheering you on to visit the gym or get up…

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sarees tell stories

patola dreams

the edges of the patterns are slightly blurred, the colours are shimmering, the silk flows. i am holding this darkly lovely saree at a boutique in mumbai and quietly falling in love. the fabric is soft as it falls languidly to the floor, the base is black with a mesh of yellow and magenta and purple and red and on it, the borders are ganga jamna… one red, the other magenta, not too wide, not too narrow. everything about the…

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Espresso Shots

Her Cup of Tea : A Short Story

her cup of tea short story

She took in a deep breath. Her bony shoulders moved upwards and remained raised, a second longer, till she exhaled. She looked around with an aimless distaste. Whoever said coffee cafes have a rich bitter aroma of ground coffee beans had lied. Her lips pursed a tiny bit closer as the thought flitted through her head. Early in the morning, there would have been a sheen of mocha on those lips. But, defying all the promises made by the cosmetic company, her…

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