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Poetry Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

A Future Fantasy – A poem

Sometimes I wonder, how the future would be Sometimes I ponder on the lines of a fantasy With not just flying cars, but people flying around A visual spectacle, something like tomorrowland And then I begin to think, how will be the societies? Will there be peace around, or still the animosities? Will the borders be erased, will it be a free world? Or avenging continues for matters age old? Will there be equality among genders, classes and races? Will…

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Daughter Divine…

Here we are, you and I, the road ahead long and winding, My sun was up, hours ago, yours – just about rising… To see this dawn, I have plodded hours and walked miles… The journey ahead excites you, you are all smiles! Your basket brims with gay frolic and fun stories Mine is packed with caution, care, and a few worries… Your sun was mine too, a long, long time ago, With his sunset hues, he’s now ready to…

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