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Espresso Shots

fifth day of spring : a story

the idols were lined up on the narrow ledge under the tall windows in the corner room. the ledge was designed to be a book shelf but no one remembered seeing a book on it ever; instead, dust and cobwebs gathered and had a good time on the yellow ochre lime wash, enjoying the slanting sun rays that fell through the shutters. but today, there was not a speck of dust anywhere. nor cobwebs. only eight beautiful idols. eight pairs…

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the toothpaste revolt

vicco vajradanti. vicco thunder-teeth… or should it be the one with thunder-teeth? ever heard of this toothpaste? Can’t remember exactly when, must have been in the mid ’70s since I remember I was still in school, I switched to this new toothpaste shaking off the hold of the one and only Colgate that I had known since birth practically.This was a time when dental care was pretty basic. There was no widespread access to things like teeth aligners or effective…

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