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rainy days and sundays

“bzzzzzzzzzz!” it was the carpenter bee. black and rotund and a little hazy as it whirred about and dashed against the blooms of the bright yellow trumpet flower. “oh, up early today i see!” exclaimed the lavender mauvely, it was the nearest to the blues it could get. “let it be… let it be…! let it beeeee…” replied the carpenter bee, it had a thing for punning. no one ever said a bee couldn’t, after all. lavender rolled its spikes,…

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That howling sound – When Vardah struck Chennai

It has been ten days since the Cyclone Vardah ravaged the city of Chennai and its surroundings, but the howling sound that it came with, still resounds in many an ear. Chennai had been having less than normal rainfall this year, the year of 2016. Unlike last year when there were excessive rains, even causing floods; this year it had been the opposite. From mid October to December, Chennai usually gets rains from the North East monsoon winds. Sometimes, cyclones…

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