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A Tickled Pink Pony – A poem

Once on a planet far far awayA tickled pink pony was galloping with sway No one could tell why her heart’s gone astray Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, she ignored all in the way She crossed the grassland, she crossed the plain A drink in the river and she galloped again No one could stop her, they tried but in vain Tickity-tok, hippity-hop, she stuck to her lane She reached the l’ll hill and started to climb There was just a l’ll thing…

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Change, the constant – A poem

They say change is constant So let there be some change It doesn’t happen in an instant It works at its own pace Keep the nostalgia, they’re priceless Discard the clutter, all worthless Redesign, repaint, bring in the freshness Introduce uncared corners to a thing called cleanliness Get up and welcome a change in your life Leave behind the doom and infuse a new life It’s alright to indulge in a little bit of madness Let change, the constant, lead you…

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Espresso Shots

On A Jogging Day – A short story

It was early in the morning at 5.30, Nisha wore her jogging shoes, ready to jog around the apartment complex, a habit that she developed only since the last few months. She had begun jogging after purchasing a pair of running shoes from a website similar to and had been committed ever since. She peeped into the bedrooms to check on her family. Her husband and kids were sound asleep. It was a Saturday and they had an off.…

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durga Poetry

Life’s Perils – A poem

There’s something ’bout life’s perils They keep coming back, of course they will But each time, the roles are changed With much diversity, experience gained Treading on, on the path of hope Steering clear of the surrendering  slope A strong resolve to withstand the gale Rough weather, but the ship has to sail An excruciating task, a test of patience Giving every progress, a touch of exuberance Drop by drop, the pot will fill Inch by inch, the soil will…

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