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A Future Fantasy – A poem

Sometimes I wonder, how the future would be Sometimes I ponder on the lines of a fantasy With not just flying cars, but people flying around A visual spectacle, something like tomorrowland And then I begin to think, how will be the societies? Will there be peace around, or still the animosities? Will the borders be erased, will it be a free world? Or avenging continues for matters age old? Will there be equality among genders, classes and races? Will…

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sand through my fingers

the desert has romance in it you can feel it in the silence catch in in your hands and watch it dance on the edge of the sunset where the dune meets the sky   the sand won’t be caught though it will fly through your fingers as you keep on trying for you don’t know better the sand will fly for i didn’t know better and the sand will soothe and the sand will play and in its happy…

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