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secrets of seattle

Bend in the Road

the bend in the road dexter way adventure

Every weekday starts off with this adventure. On the way to work, Aarwen and Lazywiz drive across the crowded Aurora bridge and follow the narrow road as it curves and heads into the unknown. Whether they were quietly contemplating about the day ahead or discussing the meetings that need attending, deciding what to have for lunch, how many cups of coffee to consume or are irate about the chores that remain pending, they pause as the car slows down. On one side is…

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How Anne of Green Gables made me Cry..

how anne of green gables made me cry

I usually know from the start of a book, if soon enough, late into the hours after midnight, I am going to invariably end up quietly shedding happy tears, tucked into my cosy quilt. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I cry particularly easily, except at the end of every good book. “Because when you are imagining, you might as well imagine something worth while.” But, Anne of Green Gable, by Lucy Montgomery, was not a book I was…

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Of Dreams and Disasters

dreams disasters

“Elves,” concluded Lazywiz. A man and a woman were crossing the street. They were both dressed in black overcoats, a few sizes too big. Sharp features and a frenetic energy in their movement. Both had black hair with a lock of blue; a startling shade of indigo. She had a sleek ponytail and he carried off a rather long flop of hair. It was as if their human disguise had gone wrong. Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings. On the radio,…

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