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sorry but i find the international women’s day one of the most patronising notions ever. read up a bit on its genesis, saw why women back in the early 1900s way before we had the right to vote and, of course, when women were working hard and not being paid as much as men (still the case in many/most places) thought of the idea… and i fully empathise. but in the form it exists today, set in place by institutions…

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Women Who Proved The World Wrong

The international women’s day was lionized on 8th March with a lot of pomp all over the world. Though there isn’t any specific ground that triggered the celebration of Women’s day, History alleges that it’s being celebrated since early 1900’s to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. When the world cries that women can’t do it, there are women who always prove them wrong. Here are some of them who broke the societal hand cuffs and have given…

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