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durga Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

After a long holiday …

I woke up early in the morning. Somehow I knew it was early in the morning. But, one thing I didn’t know. Where was I? I glanced at the ceiling. A fan, brown in colour, was running at a normal speed. On the right side was the attic, covered with beautiful wooden doors. The walls of the room were coated in dark pink colour. ‘This room is beautiful’, I thought. Still lying on the bed, I glanced to the other…

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Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

the last day of march

things keep moving moving so fast one moment it’s there and now it’s gone what about the things that stay on? as the years pass, i notice it’s getting to be quite an intense experience. this feeling of leaving, not childhood or youth or the thirties or forties or a month or year behind, or some idea of who one is… no. it’s like i leave worlds behind. entire universes, planets with their own sun, moon, and stars; their own…

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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning..

Starting Online Magazine

P.G. Wodehouse would often say it’s damn difficult to know where to begin a story from. Go too far behind and your readers are twiddling their thumbs, bored by the old, irrelevant or repetitive information they already know, and love or hate or found uninteresting enough to forget in the first place. Start too far into the action, and your reader is probably scratching his head struggling to make sense of what is who and who is what, or making up…

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