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Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 5

INDEX   why was the pillow so big, khushi wondered as she snuggled right into it, fighting the need to open her eyes. she knew it was morning. but must she get up? five more minutes, she thought and sighed as she buried her head deeper into the down of the pillow… too big really. she turned on her side, eyes resolutely shut. but a couple of seconds later she turned again and called out in a sleepy voice, “jiji,…

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Arshi FF : Hamesha ~ A heartbeat Away

Hamesha~ A heartbeat away : Chapter 2

INDEX The heavy velvet brocade curtains were pulled wide apart to let the bright sun rays through. The large spacious room lit up and echoed with the tinkling sound of glass against gold. Thick gold bangles, with a dozen thin glass ones, in red, adorned the hand that was opening the window latch. “Utho Chote. It is your di’s wedding today. Bahut saara kaam hai humein.” He pushed away the heavy silk quilt and slowly sat up in bed rubbing…

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Arshi FF : Without You

without you: chapter 18

you who demolish me, you whom I love, be near me. remain near me when evening, drunk on the blood of the skies, becomes night, in its one hand a perfumed balm, in the other a sword sheathed in the diamond of stars. ~~~ faiz ahmed faiz ~~~ he lay there staring up at the stars. the night sky beckoned, inky and clear. winter was on its way in, a slight chill blew in the air, she shivered a little,…

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