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What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Korean dramas are the cutest and what’s wrong with secretary Kim is a perfect example of a Korean drama. I loved the first half. The main lead is played to perfection by Park Seo Joon and the side characters are hilarious. The heroine played by Park Min Young is beautiful but her character was at times too formal and less touched by the hero’s overflowing attentions. The 2nd half got cringy sweet and predictable for my liking, but if you want…

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Lady In Waiting

Lady in Waiting is Marie Tremayne’s debut novel. I was pleasantly happy reading it. Imagine Downtown Abbey as written by Julia Quinn. 1 scarred (on the inside) angtsy brooding lonely Lord – check 1 semi-radical sort-of-wallflower – check 1 vile widower with disturbing taste in bedroom activities who is ready to marry the wallflower – check 1 reluctant bride – check 1 hidden identity – check instant attraction as Lord Ashworth saves a damsel in distress – double check the warmth in his…

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Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love

not cut out for love: chapter 37

INDEX   “why, arnav ji? why can’t i love someone else?” khushi whispered trembling all over. her acidity had spiraled out of control. she was holding the espresso maker so tight, its heat was transmitting through her skin permeating to a place in her chest somewhere. hey devi maiyya, what sort of acidity was this! his eyes went molten brown, a fire leaping in them. he leaned toward her, in his hand a large blood red frangipani, and as she…

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