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Making of the Avakaya – The Mango Pickle

avakaya mango pickle recipe

Whenever summer arrives, my mother starts worrying about getting things ready for the daunting task of making the mango pickle which is done once a year. It’s made in a large quantity so that it could last for the whole year. Making of the mango pickle, which in Telugu is called the Avakaya, is quite a family affair. The word avakaya is a combination of avalu, which means mustard seeds; and kaya, which in this case means vegetable. Essentially, avakaya…

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Summer Delights

When one thinks of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the heat, the hot sun, sweat pouring down as one goes about with their daily chores. An annoying temperament but one has to do what one has to. Of course, the AC being there or not being there has nothing to do with it. The heat gets to you nevertheless. Although I must say, before I had one installed it was absolutely roasting in my house and…

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