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secrets of seattle

An Adventure in Spring

Spring Adventure - A fairytale walk

Once upon a time, on a beautiful morning, when the birds and bees were heralding the arrival of spring, I found myself alone; in a place, that was my home. It wasn’t long before I realised, I knew a warm and handsome guy who was in the mood for an adventure. He is a curious, loyal and dauntless sort of a fellow. A perfect companion when setting out for an adventure. So, we stepped out from the confines of the castle.…

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indi Poetry

the sea writes its own poetry

the sea writes its own poetry the breeze doesn’t care, it sings essays drift by on falling leaves petals wither and tell stories   i have marked my world with limits and laws i have shut out my poetry silenced my song   i undulate and meters get set i whistle through and melody begins i fall and a world gets composed i die and the story is told   where have you hidden your poetry where have you buried…

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road to singapore

look out for the butterfly

that day aj was very excited. he had spotted a path veering off from somewhere close to his wife’s office in biopolis; it seemed to disappear at one point, but he’d noticed graffiti and perhaps it was a new road being created for cyclists or something? he had no idea, but he wanted to go and explore, if i agreed. among the brand new skyscrapers of biopolis, in the innovation and entrepreneurial centre of singapore, it is hard to imagine…

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aarwen Poetry

A Song of Love

song of love poetry

Vivid dreams, seethe tenderly A lore of love, for you and me Blades of grass, that branch with a swing Fluttering fireflies, their promise of spring Drizzle of rain, rumbling thunder Dash of snow, our blissful surrender Fire from woods, smolder of lips Your sultry touch, my heart that skips Tranquil moonlight, tempestuous gale Flickering candlelight, that hidden trail Words and thoughts, smile and a sigh Our steady gaze, under a clear night sky Shower of stars, a drop of dew This dance of…

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secrets of seattle

Road Trip to Leavenworth : suspended in time

road trip to leavenworth : wenatchee river

My natural response to a car drive is to slouch against the seat, close my eyes and fall asleep or pretend am asleep and wish the ride goes on. Goes without saying I am not the most interesting travel companion around. I might not even be the best person to take with you to a dealership similar to this Wichita Chevy dealership so you can buy a car. With car travel, inertia grows on me. And I enjoy it as…

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