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i want to pack up the night and

i want to pack up the night and take it with me… wrapped in its folds are stars and stories from afar afar and farther away, even farther than that, where where something of me lives, i’ve known of it long known? no, perhaps not that. knowing is so reduced lit with shining bright light, harsh and stentorian insistent, unrelenting, blinded by its own glory there’s the night, dark and darker still, calling me to those stars, those stories, and…

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indi Poetry

you fold the covers

you fold the covers and swish the hour away as you walk to the door not once do you turn back and smile the smile that you gave me as you’d pulled the cover and spread it out like the stars above only hours before dark and dancing are your tresses how they fall to your unconquered waist across your invincible back oh that slight sway in your walk your smooth articulate hips won’t you turn just once and look…

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