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Mythology and More

with song and reverence and cap pistol… durga pujo

cap pistol (remember those?), rahul dev burman, new clothes, midnight movies, razia sultan, drumbeats, ghugni, exams, flowers in my clasped hands. the one with ten arms comes to my mind on many things. she’s been around for a long long time, quite taken for granted, part of life. to be worshiped, to be gazed at in awe, to be surrounded by noise and joy, to be danced and acted before, to be rejoiced with food and friends, to be prostrated…

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Poetry Rambles, Rhymes and Tales

Precious moments – A poem

Precious Moments Poem

A moment to breathe, a moment to relax Some moments come free, without any tax But they are surely earned, after days of toil Precious moments to stretch and let limbs uncoil Waste not these moments in frivolous acts The body needs rest for strength to be back Breathe in, take in, soak in the cool breeze Read a book, take a nap, pamper as you please Precious moments such as these come far and few Utilise these gems to…

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