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aarwen Poetry

Our plan

Our Plan Poetry

Come, run away with me Far away, further than the eye can see Across meadows of mustard Skip through thorny rose bushes Find me safe in the wilderness Don’t dare deny the lightheadedness…   Leave your caring family be Together we sow our own family tree A girl with unmanageable curls A boy exceptionally fair A house surrounded by flowers and humming bees Where two lovers shall frolic, forever free…   Come, run away with me The heart won’t need all that much money…

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indi Poetry

poetic word

i feel like finding every poetic word i’ve ever heard today and wrapping them around me in languid lustrous veil and letting go and lying among their murmur and flail filling my eyes, my ears, my lips, my very essence and array   once they were near, reaching them seemed perhaps even too easy a lilt behind a long sentence, a lyric nudged between two thoughts speak them in your mind and they took you to liminal lit spots in…

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