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sarees tell stories

iron nails and camel dung

the more i look at the saree, the more it wraps me in thoughts. random ones that i can’t arrange beautifully like the profusion of hand printed patterns on it. i want to write a simple piece, i mutter to myself… about those nails and camel dung, but i can’t stop the steady stream of images and words: shadowy memories of things heard far away in the past, and some just the other day. cotton trade, american civil war, indigo…

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clockwise book review

Clockwise is different. In an enjoyable unforeseen way. A young adult novel that is not about a dystopic world that needs shaking and saving is novel in the young adult genre. Clockwise steers clear of futuristic societies instead, bringing along some baggage from the past. Time travel back into the 1800s! Casey Donovan is not considered cool in school. Which suits her fine since she has other things that need her attention. For example, her tendency to jump back into time…

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