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wednesday doodles

i’m zooming through space. social media space. social, that’s what it’s being referred to as these days i think. i’m rushing about on two separate machines, my desktop and my handphone. there’s no time to breathe or pause as i flit from facebook to twitter to instagram to my forum, my blog, you know how it is. they keep saying older people stay away from such things. why don’t i listen to them? i am old people; i’ve seen thirty…

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remember the code?

this morning, twitter took me to an article in the washington post, which in turn hauled me straight back to school. 1976… or was it ’77? grade ten or eleven. we all had to do a national cadet corps (ncc) certificate course. tt was compulsory. that’s when we heard “dit dit dit dah dah dah dit dit dit” for the first time. our instructor was teaching us morse code. the dit was a short sound, the dah a long one,…

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indi Poetry

scrolling down twitter one morning

twitter is a funny place i see girls dying over tv drama lovers, sighing about their favourite heroes i see a women died on a bus and her husband and kid were thrown out of it i see pictures of madhubani paintings and talk of art i see a journalist’s taunt at a shot that paints a picture too good not to make likes and rts out of i see images of children mangled by syria i see cute messages…

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