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the new vicks commercial

credit: uploader The new Vicks commercial presents an unconventional mother-daughter story. The viral ad has already got nearly 6 million hits, and it’s not even been a week. Two of our writers post their thoughts on it. Do share yours, please. What consists of a family? One might ask. A mother, a father, one or more children, along with a set of grandparents might seem like an ideal image of a family. But does that necessarily have to be so?…

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not all love stories perhaps are about a boy and a girl

there are some things we never talk about. perhaps they threaten our sense of security, perhaps they challenge our limits of defining the world, perhaps they disturb us fundamentally, so we look away. right now in a television soap, an interesting – and i feel, courageous – story is on, which makes us stare point blank at one such thing. the third gender as the law calls it, hijras as we have called them for as long as i can…

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