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secrets of seattle

Road Trip to Mt. Rainier : Rise Above

Mt. Rainier is around 2.5 hours drive from Seattle. However, if you don’t hike or ski then the primary source of enjoyment on the trip has to be the glorious vistas on your way to the various famous view points. One late sunny morning, 10 of us piled into 2 cars and punched in the address to the Visitor centre of Mt Rainier. The picturesque drive starts much before you reach the mountain summit, but prepare for slow moving traffic.…

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Mountain Love

Oh mighty mountains! You make me seem so small, I stare at you in awe, whilst you sit out there so tall. I wish that I could be as immortal as you are, But I am only human, I cannot be at par. Our Guest Writer Yangchen Bhutia shares her love for the mighty mountains.. Tell me how it is to witness everything, From adam and his eve, to every human being? You must have seen many kingdoms rise and…

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Now Brewing

Learning Tamil… Konjim konjim…

learning tamil

Taxi driver – “Engay, madam?” Me and my colleagues (not having a clue of what he just said) – “Bhaiya, we want to go to RS Puram, Forest College.” Taxi driver – “Aww-pposite GCT, madam?” Me – “RS Puram, bhaiya… State Forest College!” Taxi driver – “Wo-kay wo-kay, madam… wo-kay!” Join Writersbrew guest writer Yangchen Bhutia as she and her friends learn Tamil.. konjim konjim.. This was the first interaction we had with any “Anna”… well, we did not know we had to…

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secrets of seattle

Bend in the Road

the bend in the road dexter way adventure

Every weekday starts off with this adventure. On the way to work, Aarwen and Lazywiz drive across the crowded Aurora bridge and follow the narrow road as it curves and heads into the unknown. Whether they were quietly contemplating about the day ahead or discussing the meetings that need attending, deciding what to have for lunch, how many cups of coffee to consume or are irate about the chores that remain pending, they pause as the car slows down. On one side is…

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road not taken

A getaway to Boka Dam, Chhattisgarh

A getaway to Boka Dam

Come Fall in love with yourself!  Right in the middle of my hustle bustle monotonous life, I was met with this charming peaceful place. It was just me and miles and miles of quiet. A place to just be yourself, think whatever you want to. A place where the mind actually knows how to rest and live in the moment. A place which can be enjoyed equally alone or with that special someone. Even if you don’t talk, you are…

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